Duplicate a page

Hi all - I have created a “template” page - how do I duplicate this page? Thanks!!

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AppGyver does not yet have this functionality that allows you to duplicate a page.

Outside of the project, you can duplicate the entire project, but that’s not always what we want.

I also had to do the same procedure as you, of duplicating the structure from one page to another and making the necessary changes.

I got a satisfactory interim solution as follows:

I put a CONTAINER at the top of the page and threw all the components inside this CONTAINER.

Then I used the traditional COPY and PASTE command (CMD/CTRL+C) and copied the component.

I opened a new page and there I pasted (CMD/CTRL+V) the component.

You will notice that AppGyver seems to hang when doing this, especially if your page has multiple components. But it works.

Hi Leo - many thanks for the work-around - much appreciated and I will give it a go! Crossig fingersnone can put containers in containers, but I will find out shortly! Hopefully AppGyver will support is really basic function in their next update :slight_smile: Thanks again.

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