Duplicate page and undo


First up - this app builder is amazing!!!

Now… maybe I just missed that…

Is there a function where I can either duplicate or make a page a template to use it again?
An example I build a page for add new member, now I want to duplicate to make the member page where you can view or change your settings - so basically same page but data set changed

Also is there an undo? It’s so easy to quickly delete something and then start from scratch

Thank you!!

Thanks for the feedback and welcome!

Our upcoming components v2 will let you package your “member form” into a reusable composite components that you can then utilize as the basis for e.g. create and edit views from the same “template”.

Currently, there’s a few key features missing (such as ability to reference to composite component root properties via formulas), so the unfortunate best practice in many cases is to have your form in a single container, select the container and then Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V (CMD+C/CMD+V on macOS) it over to the other page – and then just do changes to both sections.

Undo is something we’ve been hoping to bring into Composer, and with a new way of handling app saves coming out next week, it could actually be really close. Will keep you posted on how things progress!


Beautiful, and thanks for the quick answer!

I try to build a freelance directory for film crew etc. where you can find and book freelancers and also reference your past projects (which also works as verify tool)

So also the question is once this is done in development how easy is it to switch to a live database?

and is there anywhere a tutorial for profile pic
Let’s say I have the place holder pic in an image field now I click on it and either can click a picture, upload my standard to then save it in my member DB.

And thank you for this great tool!!

https://docs.appgyver.com/tutorials/uploading-files should give you the basics of uploading a profile picture!

If you’re using AppGyver Cloud Storage for development, it requires a bit of under-the-hood work to switch everything over to a production backend accessed via the REST API direct integration resource type – we’re working on making that possible from the UI, but if you get everything done before that, we’re happy to help you out.

Of course, if you can already decide on where you want to keep your data, then switching to a production endpoint is just a matter of changing the base URL where your integration points to.

thanks! so the best way to go si developing already on REST API? Which DB you recommend?

The underlying DB is really a matter of preference – MongoDB, Google Firestore or some other NoSQL one is probably easiest so you don’t have to worry about schema migrations.

I like :slight_smile: is there a tutorial for MongoDB use?
Also one out of interest is there a way to adapt the design for web and mobile?

Is there a way to copy multiple elements together instead of copying and pasting elements one by one in other pages?

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Great to know it!!
How to package "member form"into a reusable components? Or Appgyver just simply has the duplicate page function added now?

Did you use the member form concept? How can this be done?

A page duplicate function would be really nice.


A workaround how to duplicate content

  1. First, place all the page content in a container. You can give it 0 padding everywhere and forget about it
  2. Copy the container (Ctrl + C)
  3. Go to the new page and paste (Ctrl + V)

You’ll have all you page content duplicated


@Artem_Dzyuba this is a good solution for the user interface …
but there should be a solution for copying the logic and page variables!

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Yeah, so this is just a partial solution to move on with the most tedious stuff.