Duplicated Cells disappear after switching to a different page in app. Bug?

My cells are disappearing every time I navigate to a different page. Bug or am I doing something wrong?

Original setup in Composer:


After navigating to another page and back:

Have recreated it about five times with the same behavior.

What on earth? I’ve never seen this before. Can you share with me your app id and the exact steps that you take so I can have a look?

App ID is 120704.

Yeah it still happens whenever I duplicate cells from this structure. So added Container > added a Row > duplicated Row > repeated duplicated Row with List Item > duplicated Cell. Then save > loads in preview as expected > navigate to different page > navigate back to Parts page > and duplicated cells disappear.

I was able to work around it by making each column in the table its own container, but it’s not ideal.

I left both tables in the page called Parts

Ahh hmm I think I get it now. The problem is with with duplicating cells specifically. Row cells are supposed to be added from Style > Row cells, and I don’t think we ever tested what happens if they are duplicated, because it never came to our minds to do that :sweat_smile: I made a bug ticket about this. Meanwhile, use the row cell adder from under the style tab to get the desired end result.

Screenshot 2020-08-27 at 9.00.32