Duplicated project uses old firebase project ID

Hi community,

I am currently not able to report an incident via tracker (see: Unable to report bug in tracker: {"error":"Missing name in user data"}) that’s why I reach out this way.

I duplicated a appgyver project which has a working connection to a firebase database. I changed the firebase connector setting in the new app to the new database but unfortunately, it uses the old project ID for querying the API, even the new one is visible in the configuration UI.

When I create a new data resource or duplicate, I works also fine but the old ones are not working.

Thank you for your support

Hi! Commented on your other thread about this. Please check your user’s name – but if even after that you’re unable to create a ticket, I’ll create it for you.

Hi Mevi,

thank you, this solved the issue. I didn’t know that there are two places to manage the user name.

Thank you