Dynamic generation of UI components in AppGyver

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I am currently building a prototype using AppGyver and have encountered the following challenge.
Could you please tell if it is possible to render the UI components dynamically in AppGyver.
More details below.

I have a data source (a list of key-value pairs), where ‘Field name’ (example : ‘First name’, ‘Country’)
is the ‘Key’ and the type of input UI component (example ‘Input field’, ‘Dropdown’) as the ‘Value’.
AppGyver can be connected to this data source via REST API and read the list of entries.

I am aware that AppGyver can show this list of Key-Value pairs on the screen.
However, Is it possible for AppGyver to render the fields(Key column) with the appropriate UI components(Value column) as maintained in the data source?
i.e., The UI component for input field should be dynamically set on the screen based on the values maintained in the data source.

PS : I found the following similar question in the forum but was not answered yet, hence posting this question again.

Similar question

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Hi! It’s likely that the Conditional Renderer is what you’re looking for. Please check it out :slight_smile: Other than that, you can hide/show any element dynamically using formulas in the visibility field, but if you have larger chunks of the UI you want to show/hide, you may want to put all of them in a Container or use the Conditional Renderer instead of doing it separately.


Hi Mevi,

Many thanks for your help. Conditional renderer was perfect and met the requirement :slight_smile:

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