Dynamic image https problem

I’m having an issue displaying an image from data. When I use an image view component and bind the image source to a data variable using a formula, the image displays in Composer but not in Preview. Looking under the hood (see screenshots), the image is initially loaded via https then attempted again via http which Firebase won’t allow and returns a 403. So, in Preview the image is blank.

I tried a different route and dropped the image component and instead set the background image of the container. That displays in both Composer & Preview. Looking under the hood again, the image is only loaded via https. However, I’ve lost the rounded border formatting in Preview that was present in Composer.

Finally, I tried a third option of dropping a container inside the other container and set the background image of the new container. The image loading is still attempted via http after https, but it’s at least displaying

So - I’ve got what I need and am moving on, but is this a bug or is there something about the image container that I’m unaware of or don’t understand?

Ran into this recently too, we’ll have to investigate. Thanks for the very detailed writeup. Created a ticket at https://tracker.appgyver.com/bug-reports/p/web-runtime-sometimes-tries-to-download-an-image-via-http-instead-of-https

One option that seemed to work on web was to set the image component to only render after the source data URL is available, i.e. if you have data.CurrentRecipe.imageUrl, you’d set the image Visibility to the formula !IS_EMPTY(data.CurrentRecipe.imageUrl). I at least noticed that somehow the Component trying to initially load an empty URL messes something up.

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