Dynamic line height according to text content and problem with WebApp version using mobile


I’ve been trying to make each of the line height to be dynamic, according to text content.

For example a line consisting of names and other details may overflow from the line box due to the name being particularly long.

Is there any workaround for this?

And there is also an issue with using the WebApp version using mobile. The fonts are not proportionately adjusted as the navigation menu is placed at the left side, as a result there is a lot of overflowing happening.

Is there any other workaround for this?

Thank you.


Line height specifically is only for one line of text – please see the explanation here.

If I understood correctly, what you want is that the text would wrap onto a second line, is that correct? In that case, there might be multiple issues here – I would try at first setting a width to all the Containers the text is in and for the text itself (100% should be fine).