Dynamic use of Caroussel

Hello Community
I would like to know if there are any tutorials (video or text) explaining the use of image carousels in a dynamic way. Or, how to allow a dynamic change of the images contained in the carousels. I couldn’t get any tutorials on this topic.


IF you mean by dynamic “Swipe”… I am really not so sure that such gestures are supported by AppGyver… (Anyone correct me if I am wrong… I would love it)
But theoretically since you ARE able to enable Horizontal scroll from the Scroll view properties menu: you should be able to have a rather similar experience embedded into your app.

None the less (To my knowledge) there is no video directly addressing this. But you may want to want to look at the very inspirational videos of Mevi’s Component Factory that more than once have had use of images in them.

Or maybe kindly ask @Mevi (I am SO sorry for tagging you) herself as since though I am sure she pretty much has her hands very full: not only is she rather actively helpful in the forums when she can… but she DOES tend to say somethings in the line of “*if you have any ideas for a new… *” in the end of her videos asking for suggestions.
Maybe she just might want to do one for this.
(Yes: she dresses up as a unicorn in them… How awesome is that?! :love_you_gesture: )

Hello :smiley: I’m fine with being tagged.

Good image carousels would require swipe events (which we don’t currently provide) or 3rd party plugin support, which we are working on but which is still not complete.

I’ve done some very basic image carousels where user has to tap the carousel for the next picture. I guess you could also time a change? But animations etc. would still be missing and such the experience wouldn’t be that great.

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