Dynamically load an “Image list item” component

Hi everyone, I need to dynamically load an “Image list item” component.
I have created two list variables (ListImageSource and ListPrimaryLabel). Both people do a SLIT on a string (SPLIT (“Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4”, “,”) and SPLIT ("https: //www.xxxxx/img1.png,https: //www.xxxxx/ img2.png, https: //www.xxxxx/img3.png,https: //www.xxxxx/img4.png “,”, "))
In the second string I would like to avoid having to enter the entire path (“https: //www.xxxxx/”) and I created a PathImg variable.
In the properties of the component in the “Image source” I entered:
appVars.ListaImageSource [repeatedInfo.current.index].
How can I change this formula to insert the PathImg so that I don’t have to repeat it in the string I insert in the SPLIT?
Thank you