Editable Text Box

I’m looking for ways to have a user edit a back-end text field in Appgyver.

There is a video here No-code Power-up: Editing Items in a List - YouTube where the creator has pre-made editable text boxes and explains that this is “an input field disabled by default.”

I can’t find any sort of editable input field on text boxes in the normal or advanced properties. Where is the option hiding?

Update: I’ve found that this snippet of code allows me to completely change the text-box, but it removes the text before prompting the user to type. “{content: current.content, editing: true}”

Is there a way to display a string and then have the user see/edit the string before resaving?

On the video you linked, you can see what components they used to construct that editable text box component, here’s a screenshot if you wish to construct the same kind of setup:

Screenshot 2022-05-16 at 14.00.13

Basically the “disabled” property of the input has the same functionality as editable, except the opposite way around (disabled true when you want editable false).

By default using these should not remove the text when user starts typing as long as you have the content there, but can you show your setup if this is not working for you?

I didn’t catch that. Thank you Mevi!

For anyone else who is looking for more details on this there is a two-part process.

Create an input field, pre-populate the input field “Placeholder text” with the prior input and allow the user to change it in the input box. If the user changes the input, it is stored in the “Value” field. Here is an example.