Editing in Composer while system is building?


It takes a while for our iOS builds to complete. I’m wondering–while those are in process, can I jump back into Composer and start work on the next feature? Or will I mess up the file if I’m making changes during the build?



Unfortunately there’s no guarantees of what state your app is going to be if you continue working on it after pressing build. In other words the build process pulls your current state of the app when it starts building and with the stochastic nature of the build queue the pull can happen at any point.

Obviously this wouldn’t happen if you were using the release management which is unfortunately disabled for free tier. I’ll talk with the people if we should make a snapshot for the build for free tier since it’s quite bad that you have to wait for the build to finish to start working especially as long as the build times are what they are. But wouldn’t hold my breath that this feature would be in any time soon.

I’ll add a note about this in the documentation.

Honestly, there’s LOADS of stuff for me to do on the business that doesn’t involve Composer, so don’t worry about it. I don’t mind turning my attention to email notifications, bookkeeping, whatever for a few hours. Just needed to know if it was required.

Thanks, @Sasu_Makinen!

I was wondering about this myself since I had been seeing some curious bugs popping up in my builds. Now I know why :upside_down_face:

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