Elements not right on build, ok on browser preview not app preview


When I build out my app some of the elements are missing. They show in the browser preview but not on the builld or the app preview. Worked ok on previoius builds but not this time.

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Same issue.

I am experiencing specifically for card lists. All properties such as border, gaps, padding, shadow etc are now functional in App preview and build.

Previously, they were working fine.
Then, they stopped working fine on the App Preview.
But, were working fine on builds…

The later builds (over the last 2-3 runtimes), the functionality has stopped even on the builds.
It only appears ok in the browser preview. I have pulled my hair out to resolve the issue.
Writing on this forum also did not result in any response.

Not sure what the way ahead is!


Just sharing that I was able to solve my issue of elements not getting rendered on preview app and builds.

I was using a marketplace component (image card list). But, the card element was not getting rendered.

It got resolved when (in isolation mode) I changed replaced with card element with a new container with same properties as the card element.

Sharing it as it took me 2 weeks to figure this out.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks a mil, Will give this a shot!

It happened to me too, it was only because it was hidden by other components of the app. Using containers and making the size “fit the content” can solve that issue maybe.

Some custom components from the marketplace only work for certain device types. I also question if these components are tested when appgyver udpates are released as I have noticed several people in the last week (myself included) commenting that things that worked a few weeks ago stopped recently. It may be worth posting a bug for yours if the issue is easy to replicate.

I had the same problem with cards and this is a listed UI component in Appgyver. My problem was that Android devices weren’t showing borders properly. To fix the problem I used a container instead.