Embed a form (from Airtable)

Is there a way to put the iframe code from Airtable on a page?

I want the data to go to Airtable. So I don’t want to create a form using the AppGyver components. I haven’t been able to find a component that is just a plain HTML component.

Is there some work around until an HTML component exists? This seems too simple to not be possible with all that is possible.

When I put the iframe code in the webview component nothing renders.

Are you giving the WebView component just the URL or the whole embed tag code with <iframe>? The latter likely doesn’t work, but the former should, assuming Airtable doesn’t somehow block things. Can you share a public Internet facing link to a form?

As I replied in the other thread, we have a HTML renderer component coming up, but it won’t run the JavaScript logic required by a form, so not applicable here.

I was using the whole embed tag code. Just updated to the URL and nothing.

Hope embed codes are on roadmap in the near future.

Thanks for the update. Look forward to the HTML component.

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I see the beta HTML rendering component is now up.

It also does not allow an embed code to show a form using an iframe. Any chance this is on the roadmap?

Bumping this old thread:

@Harri_Sarsa are there any options for displaying content in an iframe on web apps right now, or any being contemplated? Apparently iframes work in Webview, but thats only works in mobile apps. And from what I’ve gleaned in the various forum posts (and some rudimentary testing), iframes do not work in the HTML renderer at all – is this (still) accurate?

As a corollary, the Webview description should really say up front that it’s mobile only, saving time & headaches for all of us. (The same goes for all other components and some style attributes that are also mobile only, or for web only components/attributes as well.)


Are you still referring to Airtable?

Why not use native forms and the Airtable REST API, then it works everywhere and you won’t have heavy WebView components in your app?

I agree about documenting where things do and don’t work however.

No, I’m trying to use an iframe for a different purpose (video chat embed, with my Appgyver app functions in the sidebar) and this was the closest forum topic I could find that addresses that.

Since I’m thinking about it: Another great example of a component that should be clearly labeled “mobile only” is Toast.