Embed Google Calendar

I’m trying to embed a google calendar into the html renderer component with the generated iframe code, but nothing shows up.
Help please :slight_smile:

Hi you can take a look here
it seems third party plugins are not supported yet

hope it helps

If you search the marketplace for “map”, you can find Embedded Map View there. It might work for you in the meanwhile :slight_smile:

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I think they are looking for google calendar and not google maps but either way they can find some kinds of calendar in the marketplace too.

Ack I totally misread it :sweat_smile: We have a calendar component coming out in the next big release, but it’s not exactly a google calendar so that would still require some doing.

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Hey Mevi, any update on this calendar element or when the big release will be?

I need to build an entire appointment scheduling system tied to google calendar.


Hi, the calendar element is coming soon I hope (date picker field is in final stages of QA at the moment) – but it will be a very simple one, so I don’t know if it will fill your needs. It’s not like google calendar, but there will be a couple of different components for picking a date specifically. It’s built with the same principles as this if you want to know or want to start building and modifying it to your needs.

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This iframe issue is a nightmare and it’s just another restraint that needs addressed. Preferably prioritized above THEME’s

There are different priorization tracks since different things are worked on by different teams, so working on themes for example has nothing to do with the iframe in regards of prioritization :sweat_smile: But iframe is definitely coming up, don’t worry.