Embedded map view (beta) not update position

hi, about Embedded map view (beta) I don’t know if it’s a bug, maybe I’m not that I don’t know how to do it, I can’t position the map based on the coordinates assigned to the longitudie and latitude variables;
I would like the map to be positioned at the current coordinates of the device when the page is opened, I did this:

Page mounted-> device gps location-> set page variable (long and latitu …) the coordinates are exact because they are displayed both in the text field and on the component tap as in the screenshot:
unfortunately the map remains on new york city.
I tried to set the initial coordinates both with the long and latid variables set in on page mounted, also directly with sensorVars.geolocation.latestValue.latitude. Am I doing something wrong? am i missing some particular details or the component does not update? thank you guys!

The updating of the position does not seem to work correctly, if I create a page before, after obtaining the coordinates I open the map page again it displays New York, I go back and then again I open the page with the map, only now the map updates with the new coordinates.
sorry my bad english, i hope you understand


Yes seems like the map is not updating along with the page variable changes. Could you file a tracker ticket about this bug? I am able to get it working with setting the Markers to render lat and long properties with the formula sensorVars.geolocation.latestValue.latitude and sensorVars.geolocation.latestValue.longitude, was this not working for you?

yes, I confirm! only the marker works with updating variables by sensorVars!