Embedded map view error - missing comp

Hi community!
Is someone else having issues when trying to preview a page with a map in the AppGyver mobile app?
The error I get is a yellow placeholder that says:
Missing comp: 06438720-04f6-4cea-add8-f19d4f330aa8

Having the same issue. I have a demo scheduled all of a sudden stopped working. I appreciate timely help for resolution

I have the same problem…i create a new project… but the same error appears…

As a workaround, the embedded map view works on iPhone

I have the same issue. Seems like the latest build of the preview app broke it.

If you noticed, the app changed name from SAP AppGyver Preview to SAP Build Apps.

A workaround is to install a previous version of the preview app. I installed version 4.16.14 and got the map to work again.

You can download it from APK Pure.

Remember to disable updates for the app inside PlayStore.

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Good find Alexandre. Thanks for sharing!