Embedded map view troubleshooting

The Visibility property doesnt work, even if you bind it to a true/false variable. It’s always Visible, even if you try to use the Hide Component flow function or set Visible property with Set Component Property. I would love to be able to turn Visibility on/off so It would redraw and update to new coordinates.


I’m strugling with showing multiple Markers on Embeded Map View. I can load their locations from Firebase and than tried your solution to put them in App Variable but the app always crushes after that.

On one page I created button which collects data from firebase - set App variable (list of objects with the same properties as markers should be) and than opens new page with map, to be sure that data are loaded in variable.

I load only latitude and longitude into this variable and other parameters are static.

And at last I set in Embedded Map View its Markers to previously created App Variable.

But this process is not working. I succesfully load data from Firebase but after confirming this alert the whole App crushes when opening page with map and I have to restart it. I tried to figure it out with debugger but it disconnects after app crushes and I can’t see any more logs.

Any advice?

New situation: I added another Alert after “Set App Variable” and it solved App crush (don’t know why but it did).
Now I can render marker from database, But only 1 at a time. I guess the problem is with the formula when creating the App variable.

My formula for filling Latitude in App variable is: data.BenchList1[0].Latitude
similar for longitude.

I’m absolutely no-code pearson, so I appologise if this is something absolutely easy.
Any advise how to change the formula to load all records instead of one? If this is off course even possible?

Thank you :wink: