ENCODE_BASE64 not working

Hello experts,

I am trying to encode string using BASE64 so, I have used formula ENCODE_BASE64(appVars.ClientSecStr) like this.

however, its not showing any output and it is blank. so, I tried hardcoding simple string like,
ENCODE_BASE64(“Hello”) but this is also not working.

Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?


Hi @Prasad_Dixit, the formula only works on mobile because of the way it’s implemented – there is a workaround I suggested in this thread that also works on web:

Thanks foe your respond. Will it also not work in debugger? Inam checking outpur ivwr there. I am using formula functionality.

It should work, for example if you set a value of an app variable in the app to ENCODE_BASE64("Hello"), it should appear correctly in the debugger.

In the debugger it is showing empty output. ENCODE_BASE64(“Hello”) the result is empty in the debugger.

Hi, thanks for the hint; Indeed the code from stackoverflow seems to be working in a web app:
20 Apr 08:06:41 - [info] nodes.flows.starting-flows
​ SGVsbG8gV29ybGQh
​ Hello World!

However, is it documented which formula functions are restricted to mobile apps only? For folks focusing on web app development this may be an important piece of information.
my 2 cents


@Prasad_Dixit I found that there was already a bug report on this: ENCODE_BASE64 Function not working on Android | Voters | AppGyver

@Piotr_Tesny you have a good point, we’re aware that the information is not available easily enough and it’s planned to better communicate the supported platforms for each flow function with some upcoming updates to the marketplace. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Piotr_Tesny its working by adding your suggested way.