Encountered a build error in runtime version: 4.7.37; AB version: 1.7.11

Hi my friends,

I have the same problem! Any solution?

Short term solution if you need just this one off build now, create a free account in SAP Build Apps in free tier program, copy and paste your app there and build it. Longterm solution, find another NoCode platform.


Will AppGyver be discontinued?

They had upgraded to 4.9 in SAP build Apps.
Apparently, they do not allocate any resources to the community version :disappointed:

Hi team is there any update on this… I have took more than two months to build the app but i couldn’t deliver on time if is there any workaround please suggest.

Hi all,

For the past couple of days, builds have been failing with a Received malformed response from registry for “console-feed”. The registry may be down. error. Due to an unfortunate overlap with the weekends, we were not able to address the issue until now.

The error itself has arisen due to a console-feed package disappearing from NPM, as seen here:

This is a 3-d party dependency, so there was no immediate solution we could apply to fix this. We are currently in the process of fixing this with a high priority, so we would really appreciate the patience. We additionally apologize for all inconvenience caused by this error, as mentioned, the error was caused by an issue beyond our control.

Lastly, to address the reason why SAP Build Apps has already received an update: SAP Build Apps has only gotten a web preview release, which is much faster and easier for us to do. There is no intention to artificially create issues in the Community Edition; We are updating all editions synchronously.

You can track the issue here:


Thank you for the update @Kirill_Leventcov and @timo.kapanen :slight_smile:

That’s good to know. Much appreciated!

is the team doing something about it or are we waiting for the package issue to be solved?

Looking through the comments, my first impression is that I’m not the only one for whom this has been anxiety-inducing (and rightly so–my client isn’t super happy at the moment). My second impression is that the Appgyver team has a lot of class. Thanks you guys for always being so responsive to build issues when they get reported. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. You’ve got a lot of people feeling a lot of emotions at the moment, and your every response has been professional and compassionate. I’m anxious because this is out of my control, and it’s out of my control I’m not the one who invested all the time and money to make this tool, and I’m not even paying for it! Despite that, Appgyver has made it possible for me to earn tens of thousands of dollars on a flexible schedule while simultaneously working on a passion project that means a lot to me. You guys have done so much good. Thank you for also bearing our frustrations with such class. @timo.kapanen @Mevi @Kirill_Leventcov and everyone else


I couldn’t agree more to this. It is so great to see that there are still people out here who are grateful for the results this tool achieved and its users.
I’d be so glad to see more people like this. :pray::pray::pray:


I would too… As for my project I no longer know if the feeling of accomplishment is going to happen anytime soon.
Erin was lucky to enroll back in the happy days when the team was active in this community and replied daily to quite complexe problems. This is no longer the case.

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Bear in mind though that everything is a two-edged sword. A few years ago, the team was able to respond to a higher percentage of posts, but there is now a treasure trove of responses to access. If you can figure out what to search for and how to use others’ scenarios as case studies, you can move forward after just a few minutes rather than having to wait hours or days for a custom response. Also, there were some key features missing back in the day that you haven’t had to work around, and that’s something to be grateful for.

Not to say that we wouldn’t all love a custom response to every question–I sure would. But I’ve realized if I can let go of my sense of entitlement, I have way more energy to go find what I need, and the journey is far more enjoyable.

If you’re early in your no-code journey, I’d encourage you to develop a more flexible relationship with the “feeling of accomplishment”. It turns out the realities of engineering are still just as present in no-code projects as in coding projects. Hanging too many emotions on those moments of delivering a feature will give you an occasional high, but it is far, far more often that it just causes emotional distress because there are almost always many more steps that we anticipate.

Wishing you the best.


Well, AppGyver is still FREE.

The journey was (has been) worth it for AppGyver in order to improve and refine the platform.

It was (has been / is being?) worth it for us in order to build our apps white-label and free!

That’s an amazing trade-off: excellent for who needs testers and feedback and excellent for who needs to learn and experiment with developing mobile and web apps at low costs.

We could beg them to take our money. But SAP is already there to happily do exactly that. Only the folks at SAP are making it more complicated, because I gave up on registering there twice already.

Let’s hope they really keep it up on updating the AppGyver community platform the same way they’re updating SAP’s and that we can continue to benefit some more in this complex mutualistic relationship.

It is wise to keep in mind that if this service were seamless all the time and very comfortable all the time, it would definitely not be FREE. I’m lucky the updates I have to make in my project are minor and that the project is really mine and not to be delivered to someone else PAYING for it. I fully understand that it is very distressing to have clients waiting for an app to be delivered and then face this type of unseen-before unavailabilty. Realibity of the build service has become a full-blown issue now but has always been a threat that everyone considering this to be a business tool should be plenty aware of.

At least you can preview that everything is up and running and built and show that to your clients. Only the .ABB file and the deployment to app stores / web hostings is now on hault, hopefully temporarily.

Of course, looking into competitive low-code alternatives (like noodl or FlutterFlow) is very much recommended and I’d love to know what you all have in mind.

Best of luck to you all.


The point of the original post here and my point is not about the lack of solutions provided by the team or the forum. I’ve found tons of solutions and workaround thanks to the problems which you’ve encountered first and which others faced too.
The point is about the recurring bugs that seem to be the result of sloppy maintenance and the lack of updates on these important matters.
It’s really not asking much. Just expecting them to own their decision to propose a tool free of charge, which remains a business decision whether they charge zero or 100.

Your positivity and enthusiasm are refreshing and motivating. But if you realized (or wondered if) you had wasted money and time with this tool, you would be in another state of mind.

What’s the app you’ve launched if I may ask?

Yeah, you have a point. Frustration. But that would be pretty much fixed if they just reminded us more often what is it that they promise to deliver and what they don’t or can’t promise to deliver.

I never read AppGyver’s terms and conditions… have you? :thinking:

The fact that they don’t ostensibly remind us that this is supposed to be improving (slowly) over time and that the platform’s development runs with (precarious or) suboptimal means really induces increased frustration due to intuitively heightened expectations.

But then, in face of such harsh terms and conditions, those of us more demanding could have avoided commiting altogether (and never become early adopters)… So maybe they had a reason to be discreet about it.

PS: We have to concede, though, that it’s true that many times team members have mentioned they run with a small team, etc, etc. What I had in mind in saying “ostensibly remind us” was, for example, a large signature gif with some respectful and optimistic quote regarding that kind of expectation. Still, it would be admitting a weakness and not exactly an easy marketing move.


Any news?
Here it still doesn’t work.
I don’t know if it’s something I did or the show’s fault.

waiting for that too
I develop my app for my company and I need to post on Google Play and Apple Store

Has anyone managed to generate the app?

Hi all,

The last couple of days have been frustrating for everyone, with builds failing for all platforms. It was particularly disconcerting for us that the issue was beyond our control, and we were unable to apply an immediate fix.

Therefore, we have made the decision to expedite a release that will completely resolve this issue. We are pleased to announce that the 4.9.72 build tag is now available, fixing builds on all platforms.

Please note that previous build tags will remain broken until the third-party package issue is resolved.

Thank you for your patience and understanding :slightly_smiling_face:


I can confirm that the fix worked and 4.9.72 builds are working - I tested Web and iOS. Thank you @Kirill_Leventcov