Encryption in firestore

I am making a password managment app and using firestore as the backend but i want my fields in the document i.e username and password to be encrypted so that even i cannot see the password enter by the users . Is their any way of doing this in composer pro


You might use String Encryption - Any Hash Type API provided by Rapid API.

The Output of the API is:

So create two page variables, password , and an object to receive the encrypitrd password .

Add a input box and link it with password variable:

In the button logic add HTTP Request and configure it as the following:

URL : “https://string-encryption-any-hash-type.p.rapidapi.com/encrypt?type=md5&string=” + pageVars.password

Headers (you can copy them from the API site.


Then update page verable encryption object

for hash field set formula as this : outputs[“HTTP request”].resBodyParsed.hash


NB: You might create an REST for thsi API, too.

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