Enquiry about type of Apps appgyver allows me to create

Goodmorning Appgyver Community
I would like to know
Does appgyver allow me to make an education App that students can subscribe to on a monthly bases and study with it ?
The app would be offering study notes,self grading quizzes ,video tutorials & can also create a time table for learners to also use.

So my question is is it posible to create such an app with Appgyver??

Yes, with AppGyver everything is possible, since the subject of the subscription is also possible. It is good that the application manages the database as REST API and so in case you want to change content, you can do it from the REST API database without having to recompile the APP and reflect changes.

It looks very clear, but I advise you again to make a good sketch before thinking about building it, because your application will have certain pages or canvases when compiling and your APP will not be too heavy.

Make sure that your APP, in case it carries many images, before uploading it you must compress it so that the REST API call is faster and offers good content, as well as the videos so that they are redirected from platforms such as YouTube, but if you manage the API REST database, your videos would be more private as they are more PREMIUM for students and they don’t share the links.

In case you need a PREMIUM person, you can do it from here:


Hello Diagonal_Movil , can I link PayPal ato my App as a payment method?

Yes you can via rest api. Just follow the PayPal documentation.

So the subscriber would not need to have a paypal account right? They just enter the card details and it would be processed automatically.
And also I heard that GooglePlay does not allow its Applications to have direct payments unless its through GooglePlay from thor Ts and Cs

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Indeed, user does not need PayPal account.
And indeed I’ve heard that paypal and GooglePlay don’t go together well. I believe there are posts on this matter.

So how should I go about it to be able to let my users subscribe?

What do you mean? If it’s a monthly subscription, I recommend Stripe.
If you plan one off payments, as the students wish, Paypal is enough.

The problem is Stripe is not supported in my country
I thought you said PayPal gives problems

Not familiar with Paypal API but their doc seems more simple than that of Stripe.
It looks like Android accepts in-app purchases via PayPal.