Enter a page I didn't put (bug?)

I don’t know why but after logging into firebase AUTH enters a page of the app that I didn’t say to enter, I put the Flow Function Open Page on another page and it’s not coming. (I believe it may be a bug of the version, because before it worked normally)

so after you activate the auth with firebase, the sign in page is automatically created
As for the other issue, the page will not open, untill you dismiss the initial view (sign in)
but you can override this by going to the page you want to open and turning on this

Don’t work

this is my logic, after login is successful open page “home”, but open the page “Final”

no, i didnt say that, you need to do this,

only when you want to open a page before you sign in

from what i understand, you want to open page home after sign in, so you need to detele that open page and instead connect the dismiss initial view
and after, you need to go here and set whats the first page after sign in

if you use the navigation bar, its the first page

if not you set it from here

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its work perfectly, thank you :smiley: (my initial page was a Firebase Auth, i change to home)

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