Enter Relation table in database

I created a database class i called Users and inside it i created a colomn i called Relationship and its a Relation type, so in side it i store other users information.

I want to enter the Relation cell but i could’t.
anybody worked with table relation method can tell me how to do it ??

I believe you want to create a list of objects. Which database are you using? If it is Firestore, it’d be map type.

Something like:
UserID: abc123
Username: Atakan
Relationships: [
{UserID: xyz123,Username: Bilel, Status: Active},
{UserID: qwe123,Username: John, Status: Deactive}

No i use sashido as a data hoster, i want to know how to access relation table data.

Not sure what do you mean but “relation table data”. Never used Sashido unfortunately.

From this comment, I understand that you have a column called Relationship in Users data source. And I assume sashido allows you to enter several information in a column. That would be a “list of objects” in Appgyver.

If it is only a foreign key to another table called Relationship, I think you need to make two calls and join tables by key, like in SQL.

As far as I know there’s no relation feature in Appgyver Data Sources since it is a front end tool.

If you look to the first Screenshot 1, i created a class named ENTANGLEMENT inside it there is two lines that contains Link to the USER and a RELATION to UsersInformations.

the Screenshot 2 is the UsersInformation Table

my probleme is how can i access to the Users information table or retrieve information from it.

Hey Bilel_Tlili, did you find solution for your problem? I allso have same problem…

Yes, i found this tutorial and i followed it and it works very good, try it and if you still need help get back to me.
best luck