Enterprise: https://blog.appgyver.com/sap-appgyver-is-now-free-for-everyone-regardless-of-revenue-3b9899b1340b

Hello @Mari and @Harri_Sarsa,
I just read an article by @Marko_Lehtimaki from Oct that states:
“As mentioned, the enterprise version not only costs just 10€ per developer per month now — which is a fraction of the original price — but it also has new features that were not part of the original product license”

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to upgrade from free to enterprise. Help?

Hi! Our enterprise version will be via SAP and it’s not publicly available yet :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually we do have a version available via SAP BTP at the moment!

What does this mean “via SAP”?

Only available to SAP customers?
Only connects to SAP?

Can you point to a doc that shows the differences?


Please see tutorial here. Notable is that you will be creating a new account into our enterprise environment.

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Hey @Mevi,
What features are available in the enterprise (BTP 10 €/month) plan that are not available in the normal community version? Some features we’re specifically interested in include:

  • Release management
  • Translation Variables (Multilingual apps?)
  • Organization Support
  • Backend as a Service

I also noticed that this page on SAP’s site lists the price as 10€/active user/month. What exactly does Active User mean in this context? Thanks,


Hello @Mevi,
Just bumping this topic in case you didn’t see my last reply :slight_smile:

Edit: Maybe @Mari or @Harri_Sarsa can answer this?

Hi, I did see your message, but I was trying to find the answer, as I’m not very familiar with the BTP side. I’m asking @Harri_Sarsa for more information so we can give you an accurate answer :slight_smile:

EDIT: got the answer:

Release management and translation variables are available. Organization support is included in that one subscription allows access for multiple developers, but ability to share and collaborate on projects is still underway – hopefully coming before Q2.
The backend as a service product will be launched Q2 and will have a separate pricing.
Active user means an individual accessing Composer within a given month.

So “active users” refers to the number of email accounts logging into the Composer Platform within a given month, rather than the number of devices… That’s good hear.

Okay, we thought so, but just wanted to verify… The Backend capabilities were not our highest concern, as we were mostly concerned about the release management feature. Thanks,

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