Entry-level paid/premium tier (i.e. what's the lowest premium price for 'build apps premium')

Hello. I’ve been testing the free community product for a while and I’m considering whether to go “all in”. However, I can see that in the future adding another developer would be necessary. I’m having trouble understanding how much the next step would cost in the SAP website.
Could someone please help me understand the pricing structure for this product?

Namely these questions:

  1. How much would the lowest tier above free cost?
  2. What does “active user” mean in their pricing, is that a development user or any user downloading the app/authenticating via Firebase? This could limit B2C builds…

Thank you in advance for your help!

I was not able to figure out the exact costing either. Seems like their pricing is as complicated as their PRO account setup. Double turn off.
If you are ready to pay for using the tool, you are better off with another tool, as there’s way better out there.
If you are a coder, I’d understand why you’d stick here. But as a no coder with little to no coding knowledge, you may want to pay for a premium plan at Noodl or FlutterFlow or Weweb.