Error and warning in the Chrome console

After building and putting an application into production at Google Hosting, I still have thousands of warnings and a few JavaScript errors. I have this with all my applications. (See capture)
Does anyone have an idea and know how to fix these issues?
Thank you all.

same issue as well; (with both SAP Appgyver community edition and SAP Build Apps)

Both after a deployment to a hosting service of an web app or in a web preview mode I can see in Chrome’s console these font related warnings:

All I know OTS parsing error: invalid sfntVersion: 1008813135 is a warning raised when parsing a font resource file which is either corrupt or simply missing.
I’d rather say it is missing as I do not get these warnings with all my pages. So very likely there is a specific AG widget that has an issue.

To summarise, as it happens in a web preview mode as well, it means it must be somehow related to a specific AG widget and/or runtime version.

And guessing from your screenshot’s last error the widget in question is the Inline Frame. cc: @Kirill_Leventcov