Error calling XANO Post api for uploading Image

Hi, @Steve_Stava

I am following up on your videos. I create the upload API endpoint and it works well in XANO as well as CURL or Postman. However, I get a weird error when I try to test in Gyverr. I send you some screenshots as well as the error message.

Error Message:

API Setup:

Test Config:

Test Result:

Hey @unclecode! I have added my screenshots for the AppGyver data resource setup. Let me know if you have the “Authorization” header defined on your AppGyver Data Resource Uploadimage Base URL setup (I have included that screenshot and others :grinning: )

Yes I do have. FYI all other API end points already work, don’t know why only this one act like this.


@unclecode I think I figured out what is broken. I updated my flow function for the create record and now mine breaks the same way yours breaks. It looks like a ticket needs to be opened.

Yes, I checked everything, all looks fine! Go ahead open a ticket , I support :smiley:

@unclecode I have created the ticket. If you could upvote it at this link that might help get it noticed a little quicker: Create Record flow function fails on new installed version | Voters | AppGyver

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done, I did ti and upvote it, hope to get a fast response

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I reversed the Create Record flow function upgrade and was able to prove that the older version worked (version 1.7.0 works). Version 1.7.1 or 1.7.2 does not work. I am guessing v1.7.1 broke it but I am not sure :slight_smile:

@Kristian_Gerkman @Harri_Sarsa - I opened a ticket, but just did this last bit of confirmation and wanted you to be aware. Thanks!

How can I downgrade “Create Record” version? How you did that?

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Hey @unclecode @Steve_Stava - Found the issue and it’s now fixed with the newest versions of data flow functions. Thanks! :slight_smile: (update should be available shortly in the marketplace)


Awesome, now it’s working! perfect! Thanks every one

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Thanks for the amazing turnaround speed on this issue!

@unclecode I was able to use the History functionality in AppGyver because I had just upgraded the Create Record for this testing. That meant that the Rollback was only that one step for my app. If you had many changes since you upgraded you wouldn’t have any easy/quick way to rollback.

Thanks for fixing the bug! Now my user registration works too!