Error: Cannot see data in preview

I updated my API so that there is a list of objects coming from another data source. I discovered by reading through here that theses can be accessed though a formula, so thank you all for that. As such the data is being loaded into a repeating group correctly, but when the item is clicked, the Data doesn’t seem to pass correctly through the parameter.

You see I can link the items through the data variable fine in the composer, everything is linked correctly. (on event click > open page> pass object id to page parameter . Opened page objects are linked to a data variable accepting the passed Object id through the page parameter)

However, in preview, nothing shows up and I receive the following error in the inspector.

I tried disconnecting an reconnecting everything to no avail. This issue doesn’t seem to happen when my API does NOT contain a list of objects.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something? Thank you.

Incase anyone else has had this issue, this is my current workaround. Forgo the data variable on the receiving page altogether. I created a page parameter for each individual object I needed to bind. And linked the relevant bindings on the receiving page to each of those parameters.

This works, but I could imagine this becoming extremely cumbersome when dozens of data objects need to be passed.