Error During Test of Data Configuration

Hello Appgyver Community,

I am pretty new to Appgyver and just trying out data configuration for the 1st time. See below screen shot of the error I get when I try to test a ‘get’ api call, so I can set the data schema. I am using Xano and the result from the call is an array of objects. Is there something I need to specify somewhere, so appgyver expects an array of objects to use when setting the schema? Or is this expected when your call returns an array of objects and so I need to manually set the data schema myself? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, if you scroll down the response, is there anything that would make the response “not an array”, for example another array or an object?

[1, 2, 3] will qualify as a valid result, but for example [1, 2, 3], {status: OK} will not and you have to specify the path.

Thanks for trying to help with this! I went and looked at a YouTube video on using AppGyver with Xano and saw that I had set a resource key path for the get data resource and I didn’t need to. Once I removed what I had specified, the test sucessfully ran and I was able to set the data schema from the test result.

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Okay :slight_smile: Great to hear that you were able to configure it succesfully!