Error: Flow functions not working with App Variable

Hi all, i have multiple flows that are not working.

As can be seen in this image, the trigger is App Variable change (an object type variable).
In the highlighted flow, the logic for the 2nd step is:
Set value: “LENGTH(appVars.new_user.password)” to a number type page variable.

But, as experienced in the Preview App and as inspected in the Debugger, the page variable is not getting set.

This is also the case for all the flows emanating from the App Variable change event.
The triggering, app variable’s value is not getting ‘read’ in the flows, even though the State data in the Debugger is showing the App Variable to be set correctly.

Kindly advise how to go about rectifying this.

Hi, I think all this looks as it should, so I’m not sure where the issue could be.

Have you made sure that the event actually triggers? If you just e.g. add an Alert to the event and see if it shows or not.

If the event triggers when you have intended it to trigger could you share your App ID so I could take a look at your app

Hi @Tomi_Laakso,

Yes, the event does get triggered.

Here is the application id: 125876

Hi @Tomi_Laakso,

The issue seems to be with nested properties of page variables, as mentioned here: