Error in Dropdown

I have an error in the dropdown below:

It is repeating in the other items in my list, when I select one, it automatically fills in the one below with the same value.
But I wanted each item to have a value that the user selected.

The logic is in my container:

With the repetition of my product registration database:
ORDER(date[“product listing”], item.title)

And the data are from current.title / current.description / current.image

The drop looks like this:

The value I am recording in the page variable: avaliacao.nota

Can anybody help me? How do I make my dropdown not take the value of the top item?

I’m not a 100% sure that I understand your issue correctly, but working with dropdowns my personal suggestion is to instead of using the “selected value” property you maybe will have less error when using the logic canvas of the dropdown and connect your logic of setting the desired value on the “selected value changed” logic event of the dropdown.

A screenshot for reference:

You can access your selected value in the formula editor this way:


Note that sometimes it could throw warnings if you want to select a number instead of text, so just wrap your self.value in the required type of formula:

  • for numbers: NUMBER(self.value)
  • for string/text: STRING(self.value)

Hope this can help, but let me know if any further assistance is needed.