Error installing IoS app on iOS simulator

I have built the iOS and downloaded the file. Then I have extracted the .ipa file and then when I want to install .app file on my iOS simulator it is giving me the following error
An error was encountered processing the command (domain=IXUserPresentableErrorDomain, code=4):

“name-of-my-app” Needs To Be Updated

This app needs to be updated by the developer to work on this version of iOS.

Failed to find matching arch for input file: /Users/aqilabbaskhan/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/10654E4B-519A-4801-B3F9-1EDD7236927B/data/Library/Caches/

Underlying error (domain=MIInstallerErrorDomain, code=15):

Failed to find matching arch for input file: /Users/aqilabbaskhan/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/10654E4B-519A-4801-B3F9-1EDD7236927B/data/Library/Caches/

Please help. Big Thanks

No one is responding to my issue. It is heartbreaking :disappointed_relieved:

assuming you are trying to install the .app on xcode simulator, this is an error I too encountered.
My workaround was to publish the app via app store’s testflight and invite an iphone user (in my case a friend).
The downside of this method is that you have to take notes of all your bugs and things that don’t play well and republish again and again and again until you are satisfied.

Hey @Edvin_Rushitaj, what steps did you follow to publish the app on Testflight?

Same steps you would normally take to publish the app but instead of publishing, you have to go to “TestFlight” tab on appstore. From there (assuming you have uploaded a build version via transporter) is easy to follow the steps needed. (Sorry for not being a bit clearer but it’s been a while that I’ve done this and can’t remember exactly the steps)

What do you mean by transporter? I have never published an app before! :grin:

Oh ok, so you need to read a bit here and there over the web :smiley:

  • Transporter is a program on a Mac (Apple likes to call programs “Apps”, so it is an app) :stuck_out_tongue:
    In order to publish an app to Apple App Store you will need:
  • a developer subscription ($100 per year), you will need to be accepted first
  • a mac
  • xcode installed
  • transporter installed
  • certificates and keys generated from the mac and app store

Now, if you don’t have a mac (which is like buying a used car :stuck_out_tongue: ) you can have a virtual machine running a mac os like VM Ware (read more on the web because it’s a bit of a long story to write it here)

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@Edvin_Rushitaj Thanks for your kind information. Is there any way I could use the app without using testflight on my iOS simulator ? what iOS version is supported by AppGyver?

Believe me I tried many methods and many hours. Spent 2 hours reading about emulators and simulators but with no success. I suggest using that time to publish it under testflight. You will get the job done.
As for your second question I cannot answer that but logic says it must be the latest one (?)

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@Edvin_Rushitaj thanks for the quick guidelines. Well, I am in a weird situation. I have mac and developer account but I don’t have iPhone :sweat_smile:

lol same here. I borrowed my friend’s iphone just for testing though. The point is, if you want to develop for both platforms you will definitely need one.

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