ERROR: JSON response error from server

I’m getting this error when connecting my rest API to a create record (post)

Error: JSON error response from server: {“errors”:{“plan”:{“name”:“ValidatorError”,“message”:“Path plan is required.”,“properties”:{“message”:“Path plan is required.”,“type”:“required”,“path”:“plan”},“kind”:“required”,“path”:“plan”}},"_message":“License validation failed”,“name”:“ValidationError”,“message”:“License validation failed: plan: Path plan is required.”}.status: 400

Resource settings for Create record (POST)

Resource URL:
Relative path:

Does anyone know how to fix this?


A 400 error means that the request you’re sending is wrong, so something in the schema of the object you’re creating is probably off. Do you have a property path that’s set as required but is missing from your request?

Hi cecilia,

I am also facing the same kind of issue when we try to do crud operations from appgyver with public OData service. Can you elaborate more on the property path that has to be set as required? Do we need any changes at the property level?

Hey @Eskala_Nalinee_Priya ,

I suggested looking at the property path just based on that error message. What kind of error message are you getting? Is it all crud operations?

Hi cecilia,

I have used a public odata service( with crud operation enabled . But when we try the same odata service in any other platform it works fine even in appgyver the fetch is working fine but when we try create or update it throws cors error . The image attached is when we checked the debugging log in appgyver.

When I try to update also I’m getting a cors error . Even though the status is mentioned as ok but the record is not getting updated . It is just showing the original record.