Error message when removing navigation menu

Is there a way to create a screen without enabling the navigation menu? When I do it, I get the following error message:


Incidentally, I get the same/similar message when I remove the page name. For example, how do you create a login page?

I think you need to set a page as initial page. It’s most likely now set to nothing which causes the error.

Hi Sasu,

Thank you for your reply. I managed to make the change, which is great but now the navigation menu doesn’t appear for the designated page(s). I’m sorry for asking basic questions but after I designated a page as an initial page, I haven’t been able to bring back the navigation at the bottom of the pages.


Do you have these settings?

Hi Sasu,

I disabled the header bar but kept the navigation menu enabled. Do you need both? The navigation menu used to show up but once I disabled it once, it stopped working.


Look at the to navigation menu content source. Is it ok?

Can you elaborate? All of the content source looks good. Can it be anything else?

OK there’s a slight fuck up in the configurations.

  1. Select navigation menu enabled No
  2. Below the dropdown there appears another dropdown called “Page”
  3. Select a valid page
  4. Select navigation menu enabled Yes

I’m gonna add this to a list to be fixed.

Hi Sasu,

Thanks for the update. Please let me know when you guys fix this.

As for your workaround, I followed your directions but the menu still doesn’t appear on the app. When I disable the navigation menu, though it gives me a drop-down for the page section, none of the menu items appear as a choice. Therefore, I’m not able to see any of the navigation menu. Let me know if I’m missing something but it seems like until that logic is reversed, it will not work.


Now it’s getting confusing to me as what could be going wrong. If you could share your app id I could take a look and investigate what’s really wrong and fix it?

Hi Sasu,

I’m no developer but it seems to me that the if/else logic is reversed.

If enabled = Y, page field is displayed, else page field not displayed.

Currently, you have it if enabled = N, page field is displayed, else page field not displayed.

Yes, let me know how I can give you access to my app.


It’s not reversed.
There’s an app ID in the composer URL you can copy paste.

Ok, then I really don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Also, if you want the same set of menu items across multiple pages, how do you do that?

Here is my screenshot:

Let me know what you want me to do.


It’s not crashing for me at all. Which browser are you using and are you using any extensions that might be crashing it?

I’m using Chrome - Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I can try Firefox.

Chrome should be fine. But yeah, cant reproduce the crashing.

App isn’t crashing, I’m just not able to see the nav menu.

ah ok. I cant see it now since the login page is blocking it.

Hi Sasu,

Did you guys push out a new build recently? I just logged in and my project disappeared. I don’t see anything in my account anymore. Any idea what happened to my project?


I’d suggest trying to logging out and logging back in again. At least your app is present in the database.