Error on navigation to another page

Hello! I’m having problems developing my app. It’s working fine, however, when I click on a component to go to other pages, it doesn’t work. What could it be?

My app ID is this: 590556

There’s currently a bug with the preview app that causes nothing to happen when you set up logic to navigate to a page.
(Before giving workarounds just to let you know that navigation works as intended when you distribute your app)
But for development purposes, navigating between pages works when you turn on the navigation menu within built in navigation. If you don’t want to see the built in navigation while working on your app. You can find this under the “Navigation” tab between theme and Data. Another workaround would be to enable open page in Modal view. This will allow you to navigate between pages again but just remember to disable it when you’re distributing your app if it is not your intention to open in modal view