Error: The server responded with a list for a single data record. The response must be an object.status: -1


I’m new to Appgyver and I think still a beginner in programming in general. I’m trying to setup a REST API as part of trying to understand and learn the software. I made a small online JSON storage at ( When I’m in the data configurator I want to config GET RECORD but this doesn’t pass the test because the returned value is an array instead of an object. The only value in the array is the object I want to have returned. Is there something I can do in the configuration to return the object in the array or is this something related to the JSON storage.

kindly keep in mind I’m a beginner in programming. Thanks in advance for any kind of help and tips!

Hello, your API endpoint returns a collection of records as follows:

if you want to fetch a single record the best is that you provide another endpoint with the id of the record to fetch…

You can also try to use the built-in flow function HTTPRequest where you can decide freely what you do with the payload returned by your API

I hope that helps

Hi Piotr,

Thanks for your reply. if I understand you correctly I already did the first thing right. I used /record/{id} and tested it with an respective id in the test tab.
Uploading: image.png…

Is this what you mean and am I doing it right?

I would love to know and learn more about this, you have any recommendations how to implement/learn about this?

Thanks in advance.