Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'environment' of undefinedstatus: -1

Good afternoon. Two days ago I could create new users in my database, but today I see this error Error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘environment’ of undefinedstatus: -1

Something is broken. Please help me to solve this issue.

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Im facing the same issue. Admins please let us know.

Exterrnally, it runs perfect via curl.

Team Appgyver, please help us on this. By any chance, Is there some sort of maintenance going on at your end?

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I really like appgyver. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever seen in low-code development, but sometimes the limitations and glitches make me seriously consider switching completely to React Native…
I really hope everything submits and doesn’t break.
Right now I’m just practicing, making a test application, but I cringe at the thought that if a client pays me a large sum and then something breaks…

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Yes, something like this is seriously limiting and makes one wonder about the stability of the platform. It’s been 9 hours since this issue was raised and there’s no response from the appgyver team. Probably best to go back to ReactiveNative. Even though it is slower paced development, at least it is reliable.

Hi George,

I have had the same issue when connecting to the API.

My issues were as follows:

I was trying to input data into a UIID field of the API
My field values were strings when in fact the API was looking for numbers etc which also caused issues on my side with exactly the same error like yours.

Please have a look at the columns on the API and see that they are identical.

Also what you can do is add an alert with the error message on the nodes to see where the error lies. This is always very useful.

My API at this stage is working perfectly.

No, buddy. The problem was some bug on the appgyver side, but it was fixed.
I was definitely entering the correct values because I had done the same operation two days earlier before the error occurred. I rechecked everything repeatedly.
But luckily it was fixed.

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