Error: TypeError: Failed to fetch. Does the server allow CORS?status: undefined when integrating with SAP Service Cloud

Hi All,

I am a newbie to this platform and i am trying to integrate APPGyver with SAP Service Cloud. When trying to RUN TEST and i am receiving the below error. Could someone point out what mistake i am doing here. When i try the same using post man i don’t find any issues.


Hello @Sathya_Swaroop , helas Postman experience may not translate into real life.
Your only option is to make sure the API you are trying to test with Appgyver is CORS-enabled.
(You can see what is going on in the network tab of your browser where you run Composer Pro.)

On a side note, based on what I am seeing from the screen grab, you may also want to try the ODATA API integration instead of REST API integration. Assuming the app you are set to develop is a mobile app you may get away with having a CORS-enabled ODATA API if your target is a mobile device.
I hope that helps;

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Hello Sathya,
where you able to resolve this issue?
BR, Chandan

Hi Chandan,

Not exactly. We used another LCNC product so it works different way.

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To solve Error: Failed to fetch Run service undefined You need to Upgrade firebase-tools. In the latest version of firebase-tools, this error is fixed so update firebase-tools by running this command.

npm install -g firebase-tools


And now retry to deploy firebase functions.

firebase deploy --only functions


And now your error will be solved. Source