Error with all external API calls on IOS build: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'environment.match')

Hi there,

I recently changed IOS firebase config and did another build for IOS and released on testflight. All previous builds were working but now not even when I remove or revert the IOS firebase config, all API calls to bubble (our backend) failed with the error

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘environment.match’)

These are POST requests to bubble and are defined in our data resources and have nothing to do with firebase, so I don’t know why this is failing. Our web preview and preview on the appgyver app works fine, and the API calls have no issue when tested elsewhere, it is purely on the IOS build.

Has anyone seen this issue before or have any idea why it might be failing?

I am getting the exact same error for my builds too.

It seems evaluating ‘environment.match’ is affecting requests for on device storage, as well as API requests in your case.

I haven’t made any Firebase Config changes. I think it’s something to do with the Runtime Builds 4.x - which one(s) have you tried?

In my case, I am seeing the error appear when trying to retrieve a data variable based on a dataset stored on a user’s device. My Firebase Collection is loading fine.

I just made this ticket: Runtime 4x: Can't retrieve on-device storage | Voters | AppGyver

Timo reminded me up update all my component flows, and that did the trick for me. All working ok now! So you might want to give that a try @Max_Mills

Hi @Kieran_Doyle updating the component flows worked for me! Thanks

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