Event Component tap not showing by default

Hi,When i open logic it is not shoiwing the start logic block by default and i dont know what to do

Maybe you have zoomed, scrolled or selected the page component.

Add a screenshot and someone can help.

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Hi! Please also show the right menu to show what you have selected, and check if there are any errors in the developer console of your browser.

Hmm, the error showing does not have anything to do with the logic canvas, but rather that one of the pages does not get a preview for some reason, which is not a problem. I opened your app and had no issues opening the logic canvas though :thinking:

Can you check if you’re still getting this issue? Do you have it on any other pages? What about a newly created page? Do you have an aggressive firewall / virus scanner that might be causing this? Can you e.g. open the marketplace without issue?