Event : Open notification

When I receive a notification and I click on it, it does open my application but I thought that with the “Open Notification” event I would have had the page requested at launch!?
Am I wrong somewhere? do you have to configure something?
Thanks in advance.

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I believe you have to read the Output of the Event Object to get the data which would indicate what page you want opened.

so there I did not understand… The “notification opened” event would publish output data if I arrive from a notification?
I’m going to look, but it’s annoying to do tests since each time you have to compile… Since the notifications do not arrive in the simulator. (hum I’m sure they arrived before, it’s weird…)

There should be an Event Object that is output from the Event itself. I dont recall its schema, but you could store it in an Object variable and parse. So if you were passing a Page name in your Notification Data then it would appear in there.