Excel data processing


I want to process the data as an Excel file, so can I read the xlsx and csv files from AppGyver and process the data?

and please let me know how to do!


You have to be able to recover the data by API. Via Sheety for example.
Or the easiest thing is perhaps to put your CSV on Airtable.
The Airatble base is easier to call.

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For reference, here is guide about integrating Airtable API to AppGyver:

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Another option could be uploading the excel in google sheets
and then using the API from google sheets

take a look here


For now I used more directly with “Mockachino”, 100% free and unlimited consumption, integrates very well with AppGyver: https://www.mockachino.com/


Hi there, thanks for your reply. I’ll try it.

Hi there, thanks for your reply. I’ll try it !!

Thanks, Dimos!! This is really helpful

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wow, I can’t believe it is free. Thanks.

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