(Exchange custom token for an ID and refresh token) WORKS?

Does anyone know how to use this one from Firebase auth api?
Exchange custom token for an ID and refresh token

From what i understand i need to create a custom token
but theres the problem, i can find how i can do that.

more details here


Thank you in advance


There’s now a flow function for getting id token straight from the source – please check it out! You can find the flow by searching for “id token” on marketplace. :slight_smile:

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Ohh nice to hear that, but just to make sure, what im trying to do, is to somehow get a refresh token, so i can use an sms api, to sign in/up users, So you think that using the function you suggest, i can somehow get a refresh token.
The reason i need the refresh token, is to create an auto sign in for the user, so he doent have to use the sms api every time.

Hmm… I don’t know if I can help further as I’m not very familiar with Firebase – I know some users were able on some platforms (but not all?) to get the refreshToken in the response from a firebase request, please try looking through the threads about refresh token and see if any of them would help you forward with this? :sweat_smile:

Yeah, i know that😋

appreciate the help anyway, i will some more into it and post my results here

Do you know any way this could work?
Thanks in advance

I don’t know if the custom token stuff will work as I haven’t run into it before, sorry :disappointed_relieved: You’d have to use HTTP Requests to do custom calls at least. If you need to get into the refresh/idtoken game, I think this thread might be useful: Firebase Auth. How to generate idToken for other uses? - #11 by DG_L – it might also be that you’ll get better help if you ask in that thread :sweat_smile:

Hey Mevi, many thanks, actually this wasn’t especially to you, it was a general call to the forum, sorry for not specifying but again thanks i will take a look!