Execution in background - iOS

Is it possible to set app execution in background on iOS ? I need to play audio in background (web radio). I’m able to play audio only via WebView and with preview app it play for some seconds and after it stops.


Background audio is unfortunately not available ATM, but should be manageable through the third party plugins, and is a feature we want to bring in as a first-class citizen too.

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Thanks for the answer.
How can i use third part plugin ? Sorry for stupid question but i’m newbie.

Hi! Third party plugins aren’t available yet, but we are working on making them available once our 2.X is out :slight_smile:

… and when it comes out ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welllllll I really can’t say for sure. Hoping for 2.X to be stable and out before end of October for sure.

Hey, @Mevi is background audio possible now? I see it’s been a while since this thread started so I’m hoping a solution has been made.

Not yet. I’m getting started with updating/improving our flow functions though, so I’m looking into React Native plugins that would include the background playback functionality for iOS and Android. If you happen to run across any (I’ve found the Expo one but not sure yet if we can use that), please let me know and I’ll evaluate if we can use them.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep an eye out.
I assume you aren’t able to give an estimate on when this React Native plugin update will be released?

Not really, especially since there have been a lot of delays on it already… But know that we are actively working on it, so while it can take weeks or months, it will come :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mevi . Os there any update about it?