Expanding items in a list

Hi there, I’m evaluating Appgyver in order to choose a platform for a startup.

I am trying to do something which I feel should be trivial but I seem to be defeated at every turn - I suspect I just don’t’ quite ‘get it’ yet …

I have a list of people shown on a repeating card. Initially the ‘detail’ for the person is hidden (composite component)

I need to unhide the ‘detail’ entry in the composite component when I tap the list entry.

I have crated an ‘IsExpanded’ boolean property on the composite component which could control teh display - but none of the flow logic allows me to set this.

I have also tried adding the ID of the tapped list item to a page var , but none of the data types are compatible with the ID type (according to composer)

Which ever way I try to achieve this - it seems impossible to click on the composite item and have this affect the display of the composite item.

Any help please …

Ian B.

Hi there!

You can find the Set repeated item value flow function from the marketplace.
Once installed you can set properties for the repeated items, for example by using the SET_KEY formula function.

Hi I’ll give that a try