Experiencing a Build Issue iOS

error: No signing certificate “iOS Distribution” found: No “iOS Distribution” signing certificate matching team ID “XXX” Keep getting the following error code with a private key was found. (in target ‘RNVApp’ from project ‘RNVApp’)

Keep getting this error, was working fine, and nothing has changed. Error with both .35 and .36 build engines.

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I have the same issue here

Is yours working now?

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No. I thought that it was a issue with my certificaties, then I created new ones. One of them had expired. But still, it is not working. If you find a solution, could please let me know?


Same here! I changed them and still the same issue @appgyver can you assist? 7 days this is now :slight_smile:

Surely it can’t just be us two haha!

The same bug is listed here.

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I had the same issue, because of an update from Apple, my provisioning profile was invalid. I recreated dist certificate and provisioning and uploaded to the build service, then it was working.