Export data from on-device storage

Hi everyone,

I built an offline app with 3 différents on-device storage (tansactions, partners, currencies).

I have 2 last features i want to implement before publish the app before end of this month:

  • Export all my data into 1 csv file ==> for backup purpose
  • Import a backup (csv file) to restore my app in case of damage or phone changing
  • Want to export data automatically at 1PM UTC

How can i achieve this please ?

Thanks in advance for your BIG help.

Regards from France.

hello. you could use the Firebase integration that AG provides out-of-the-box to achieve your goal.
This post may be help as well;

PS. Reference scheduling: you might want to implement in the global canvas page logic; you would have to periodically (how often this is your design choice) test against the scheduling condition trigger.

Thanks for your response.
I’m not planning to use Firebase, i really want to stay in AG to achieve this.

Concerning scheduling, i’m seing right now how to do what you tell, but i will find more. Giving a feedback here if i achieve this successfully.