Export download not working on web preview

Hi there! I implemented this flow logic which is working fine on iOS. It downloads the file and triggers the “open file” modal from iOS.

However, on the web preview, it doesn’t output any downloads.

Does anybody know why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Not sure if export to downloads is web compatible, but in either case, in web I’ve mostly used open URL for files which the user might want to save. I think there is also a download files function or similar that might work :thinking:

So my suggestion is to add an IF that checks if the systemVars.runtime is web and do a different action in that case.

I see. Thanks very much! I’ll try doing that.

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Hi @Mevi im having a similar problem, using the app preview portal i cant manage to make neither the download files nor the cache file to locally store an image coming from a url, im intrested for webapp
if both of these, don’t work is there any way to automatically download images on a webapp ?

No solution so far other than the Open URL as far as I know. Perhaps after third party plugin support is available, if you can find a suitable React Native plugin for this :thinking:

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