Export excel (xls or xlsx) file

Possible on Appgyver export excel file (xls/xlsx) ?

and please comment if someone done using airtable and how to do it,
If someone already done it. please help me.

thank you so much.

already done exporting csv , i have json and convert to csv and export as csv file. but i need excel can have multiple tabs/sheets. but csv not possible to have multiple sheets/tab

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Can you give us some explications about how you export a CSV from appgyver ???

Thank you so much, I will try it.

Could you put a sample of the cvsURL you get at the output on the function ??

(I got something like that: blob:https://platform.preview.appgyver.com/61c2f0b1-9963-44d8-8465-b42dc79395bd, but the file downloades is a Bin with other information)

I got it.

Thanks to you post:


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Were you using IOS or Android. I have tried relentlessly an Android to get this to work to no avail.

On Android, check out the tips here - I used it and got it working: