Exporting project source code in .MTAR

SAP BTP Lobby supports importing projects only in .MTAR and .ZIP format. But Project built-in classic AppGyver supports exporting only in .GPG format. Supporting .MTAR or ZIP format helps us to maintain all Appgyver projects using SAP BTP lobby. This will increase SAP BTP adoption.


SAP BTP Lobby only supports the import of projects in MTAR and ZIP formats, but AppGyver Composer only allows for export in GPG format. This can present some challenges for maintaining all AppGyver projects using SAP BTP Lobby, as you need to convert the export format from AppGyver Composer to a format that is compatible with SAP BTP Lobby.

One possible solution would be to use a file conversion tool that allows you to convert the GPG format to MTAR or ZIP. There are several tools available online that can help you do this task quickly and easily.

It is also important to keep in mind that the adoption of SAP BTP does not depend solely on file format compatibility, but also on other factors such as ease of use, functionality, and integration with other tools and systems. You may need to evaluate these factors and work on them to increase the adoption of SAP BTP in your organization.

What is the best tool to decrypt AppGyver .gpg file and generate .zip file ? some how there is a “correlation id” error on BTP the way we tried. You can reach out to shridhar.shetty@sap.com to communicate individually .


Hello, I think there is a bit of a confusion here. When you export a project from Appgyver community edition the project file will have the .zip.gpg extension, for instance foo-bar.zip.gpng. The exported project file is a full container of your application. Then you can import this project into a different Appgyver edition or share it with the others. This is very useful if one wants to share or back-up Appgyver projects or to migrate existing community edition projects to SAP Build Apps…

On the other hand, if your target platform is Web application, MTAR and ZIP are deployable web applications file formats. They are just wrappers/envelopes of a static web application. MTAR can be directly deployed to SAP Managed app router and ZIP can be deployed pretty much anywhere…
I hope that helps;

Hi @Shridhar_Shetty , Were you able to achieve this ? Even I have a similar requirement .
Kindly help if you have any inputs around this

Importing of a .gpg file into BTP Lobby is supported in “SAP Build” version. Please refer to this link on migration SAP Help Portal